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Portable Sawmill Services

Providing the Midlands’ widest range of tree-related services, including our diesel-powered TimberKing 2020 portable sawmill bringing unmatched precision lumber production to your site.

Cut your Trees into Lumber

Do you have trees recently cut from your property? With some building projects in mind there’s no reason to discard the logs. Given sufficient working area at your location our tandem axle, full hydraulic-controlled machine can be towed to your yard, cutting hundreds of board feet of top-quality dimensional lumber per hour.

Speaking of projects, have you ever worked with full-sized dimensional lumber where a 2x4 is actually two inches by four inches… with square corners? The quality of lumber we produce with your logs can’t be matched by the box stores… at about 1/2 the price.

We can accommodate any size sawmill order with logs up to 39” diameter and 32’ long. Perhaps you have a single cedar log. It could be readily cut to make closet shelves or lining for the closet itself. An oak log can be made into a beautiful bench or fireplace mantle. The possibilities are endless. Give us a call to discuss.

A word about differences in portable sawmills. SiteClear operates the only four post cutter head, twin rail, full hydraulic portable sawmill service in South Carolina. Our mill produces precisely cut boards, side to side and end to end. Cantilever, single rail type mills can not match our product quality.

Portable Sawmill

Check out what makes our TimberKing 2020 the most productive portable sawmill in South Carolina.

Portable Sawmill Testimonial

Gary was a great decision for us! From the very first phone call Gary took the time to answer all of my questions on how his portable saw mill service works. I knew from that phone call I had the right guy. His professionalism and service was first class and I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from him. I will definitely hire SiteClear in the future.

- Bob W.

Air drying lumber

Properly covered lumber responds well to air drying in the Midlands.

Yellow pine lumber

After sufficient drying your yellow pine lumber can be pressure treated to various levels at plants in Columbia or Orangeburg. For our personal use we choose maximum strength, providing protection in extreme salt water applications.

Black walnut slab

This black walnut slab provides an example of the beautiful wood slabs that can be produced. Trees common to the Midlands like pecan, poplar, cedar, hickory, heart pine and others can also yield exceptional results.

Watch the Portable Sawmill in Action

Portable Sawmill Testimonial

We have found our wood guy!! SiteClear, Gary is friendly, reliable & responds quickly for times to meet. We have requested different woods for different projects. Getting quality rough cut red cedar, hickory & pine straight from the tree trunks that he cuts, while were standing there. Not only is it premium quality but the prices are fraction of the big lumber stores. Plus, Gary l shares his knowledge to better our business. Recommend him for sawmill services for sure!!!

- Amber Z.

Portable Sawmill Cut Lumber

Black walnut slab

Stack of (11) 1”x10”x12’ ready to unload. Clear grade SYP without a single knot.

Black walnut slab

From the mill, boards are stacked to air dry, minimum 6” above ground in area providing good air circulation. One inch “stickers” are cut on the mill and used to separate the boards. Best cover is surplus metal roofing.

hickory slab cut on portable sawmill

Hickory boards fresh off the sawmill. The live edge boards are perfect for making benches or tables.

hydraulic controls on portable sawmill

Not all portable sawmill operations are created equal. For your best value and lumber quality choose one with full hydraulic, computer control features. You are always welcome to visit with us before choosing. Just give us a call.

hickory slab cut on portable sawmill

Exclusive feature of SiteClear TK2020 is the full time mounted “cookie cutter”. If you’d like round or oval pieces cut, we can do them without wasting time with bolt-on attachments.

hickory slab cut on portable sawmill

Let SiteClear Portable Sawmill Services help build your dreams.

portable sawmill in urban location

In some cases we’re able to mill logs in tight urban locations. If you have trees taken down from your yard, give us a call. We may be able to convert them to valuable lumber.

Portable Sawmill Services - Milling Details

Site Requirements: The portable sawmill requires as much room to maneuver as a large travel trailer. The mill site must be level and flat in all directions and allow for movement of logs to the mill and off-loading of lumber and scrap slabs. For first timer customers a site consultation is required.

Productivity Tip: For best productivity two (2) physically fit helpers are recommended. This keeps SiteClear operator at the mill controls and not spending time on manual work. A suitable tractor, skidsteer or other means of safely moving logs is required. The mill self-loads once logs are alongside.

Productivity Tip: All limbs must be trimmed flush with the log. Large logs with flairs beyond 36 inch diameter must be trimmed to size. If required, SiteClear will trim using our chainsaw at the hourly mill rate.

Minimum Safety Requirements: All persons on-site will attend a no charge start-up safety briefing; read and acknowledge understanding of the installed TimberKing sawmill safety and warning decals. Personal protection equipment (PPE) is recommended including safety glasses, safety shoes, high grip gloves, and mask.

Air drying lumber
Yellow pine lumber
Black walnut slab
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